Limited Production: 1000 Timepieces Worldwide

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Lifetime Warranty

Insured Shipping

Easy Returns & Refunds

Guaranteed Authentic

Be The First Of Your Friends To Own An Ultra-Rare Timepiece

Everyone has expensive things, but few ever have the chance to own anything in such scarce supply.
See “expensive” is available to every average Joe out there - who doesn’t have designer shoes or an expensive watch nowadays?
But something limited...
...They could be the richest man in the world, but if they don’t own one before everyone else does, they never will.

They'll Want One Too, But None Will Be Left

Which really is too bad... but once a thousand units are spoken for, production will cease immediately.

But for you - an owner of the Edition #08 - you get to enjoy a sophisticated timepiece knowing that:

● Only a select few people in the world will ever have one.

● Each Edition #08 comes with a lifetime warranty - we’ll look after iteven after all thousand units have been allocated.

Meaning you’ll be able to enjoy it often. Daily even.

Or proudly wear it only to dinners with the family, events, or days out with your friends, knowing you’ve got something few others ever will.

The choice is yours - after all, it’s your timepiece.

You Get More Than A Timepiece...

One of the most important things to Marc is that each owner of his timepieces has the most remarkable ownership experience. From the moment you unbox your piece, Marc offers you:

● A FREE Lifetime Warranty

● Early Access To Marc’s Newest Editions At Member Prices

● Exclusive Access To Member Only Timepieces Never Released To Public

● FREE Insured Shipping On All Future Orders

● Priority Support & FREE Lifetime Access To Our Repair Shop  

Whenever someone asks - and they will - you can tell them it’s a 1 of 1000 timepiece never to be produced again. If they press for more info, here are all the specifications:

  • Designed in-house by Marc
  • Quartz movement to keep impeccable time, housed in a stainless steel case
  • Shows time beautifully, while also having a precise chronograph and date readout
  • Waterproof to 98 FT / 30 M
  • The case has a diameter of 45mm with the band having a width of 22mm
  • The band comes with many extra links and an adjustment tool so that you can fit your Edition #08 perfectly without having to go to a jeweller

Since our first drop, we've maintained a standard of quality on the same level as timepieces costing multiple thousands of dollars.

Yet, like all watches, ours can get damaged as well.

Which is why Marc will personally send you a replacement at any time, entirely free. Even after we've sold out of this specific edition, Marc will make a matching timepiece to send you.

Or fully refund you, if that's what you prefer.


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